System (Prod. STRWN)

by R-Don



yes this is one of my rap tracks, up here for free download since I didn't put a download on it on SoundCloud and I haven't uploaded here in a while


Have you heard about that young boy R-Don?

Glitchin out ya system, women can't resist him
In case you missed him, I'll just enlist him
Oh wait that's myself, hold up what am I saying?
Fool look beyond thyself, like you would when you praying

Cuz the boy out here slaying, hit list on my phone
On the floor I leave you laying, going GEETGEETGEETGEET when I'm in the zone
Say you got it, lil poser let me see
Before I go and pop it, got to the count of three

One, two, three, oh wait, its too late
My time never free cuz I'm just too great
What what what what was that now?
Tight cuz your girl laying on me like a cat now?

I mean, that's your fault, step ya game up
I go catapult, when I step my fame up
I've been in the vault, now I got my game up,
And y'all are at fault if you set a lame up


released December 5, 2016
Beat produced by STRWN



all rights reserved


R-Don // 루카스 New York, New York

i just rap some and make beats

the korean part is pronounced lucas

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